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Austin Student Housing

Hey parents, are your kiddos flying the nest and heading off to Austin to go to school? I have lived in Austin for over 20 years and am the proud mother of three children, the oldest of whom just graduated from college. Living expenses have been most significant in my college experience and many would agree! I am a licensed real estate professional in the Austin, Texas area working in the JB Goodwin REALTOR Westlake office – in an energetic, high-producing, award-winning office. If you have kids moving to Austin and need a place to lease, let me help you find the right property for their needs. The Austin real estate market is unbelievably dynamic (according to the City Demographer there are an estimated 110 people a day moving to Austin!).  I live in the West-central area of Austin, just a few blocks from the campus area, and know the area well.

If you are in a position, I highly recommend you look into purchasing a condo or other property near the university or downtown area. With the current market in Austin setting sales and price records for the past three years, now is a good time to buy. By offsetting some of the property costs by renting rooms to roommates and then adding in the property equity acceleration, purchasing is a great alternative to leasing. Contact me for more information and to discuss how I can help you with your property needs!  I do keep up with the current stock and can help you through a very complicated market down here! Best of luck to you all!